Zombie Catchers Hack Unlimited gold & plutonium

Zombie Catchers Hack

The game name says it all, you need to catch zombies. Go hunt on zombies and receive profit. This game is the top 10 games all time in over 90 countries so its very fun and popular. Lets play it with a Zombie Catchers Hack

Using hack

With the zombie catchers cheat tool you can generate unlimited gold and plutonium. You can spend those resources in the game on anything you like.
There are also items available in the game that will cost you between 2,99-50. That’s very expensive for playing a game then you rather want to hack zombie catchers because it will be free to do.


The game has a total between 10 million and 50 million application installs. It is made in Finland and it has a total of 625k people that leaved feedback in the google playstore. Also its the top 5 action game in over 100 countries!
The game can be played on Android and iOs and is available in any country or language. Zombie Catchers is free to play however you can purchase items with real money.

Action game

The gaming genre is action adventure. You will need to catch zombies and find new territories. At the time you play the game there will be new gadgets that you can unlock. The biggest update was in April where they did move to version 1.0.21.

The tool

Using the hacking tool will give you free unlimited gold and plutionium. We have been testing this tool on a regular base and we can say its safe to use. If you want free resources then this is the tool to go with. However use it very safely.


How many times to use

You can use the tool everyday once and not more then once on a day. If you use it everyday 1 time then you are fine and you won’t get banned or blocked by the game. Uppon testing we found this out that the safest way would be 1 time, we have been running the tool daily for the past 12 months. You can put your username in a box and select the amount of resources you would like to add. Don’t forget to use the encryption and a proxy. You  account will be safe and you can run the hack without any problems.


The pro’s and cons using the tool

It’s definitely safe to say that you can use this tool for Zombie Catchers Hack without any problems or bans. The only problems you might have is that friends will ask you how did you all got those resources. You might want to share the tool with them or keep it for youself. The only con about the tool is that you cant use it more then once a day. Your resources will be add in 5-10 minutes and if they don’t get add you can simply contact us and we will help you out. It’s easy and free so what are you waiting for? Get your free resources now with the button below and enjoy playing the game!

Pro’s and Cons list
-Unlimited resources.
– Anti-ban
– No apk
-Only a tool
-No jailbreak or any other crack
– Easy to use online
– Can be used daily

– your friends will notice ur cheating
– Can be used only 1 time a day

Zombie Catchers Hack button



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