Monster Super League Cheats Coins and Astrogems

Monster Super League cheats

With monster super league you can collect over 550 monsters. With the coins in the game you can buy items or upgrade your equipment.
You can buy those coins or safe them if you can play daily many hours. If you use the monster super league cheats you can get those coins and Astrogems for free.
The game is funny to play because the monsters look like little pokemons. Also the characters are designed like people from Japan will do.

The game

You can play the game in different modus and a lot maps. Choose between different elements and combat types. The more combo’s u make the more u will receive and the stronger you will get.
If you are in the field you can catch those little cute monsters whenever you like. There will be a % under the monster saying how much the change will be u can catch the monster. The higher the % the more you are able to catch the monster. This way you can full your adventure full with monsters. Each time you will see your monsters grow when you have catched them. They get stronger and they will envolve to something special, more skills is what they get. The game has 8 different regions and you can challenge yourself to get more archievements.

Monster Super League Cheats

The monster super league hack tool

Using the tool you will get free coins and astrogems. If you can play for hours everyday then we would recommend to just play the game without the hack. However if you are in need for some free resources you can use the tool below. We have been testing the tool 2 months and we can say that the tool is safe to use. It’s easy to use and the resources will be added into your account in about 10 minutes. It’s not that long considered that the tool needs to do its job and you normal need to play for hours to get some resources. In those 10 minutes you can grab something to eat while you wait getting the resources to add. We would recommend to use the anti-ban function in the tool and to select the right proxy. You will need to complete a offer and its very easy to do, you can even use fake information. After you have completed it you will get a confirmation pop-up. If you don’t get the confirmation popup then you simply compleet a different one. Sooner or later it will be completed and you will get free resources.

Is it safe to use the tool

Yes we can confirm after testing it for months its safe to use. We didnt get any problems or bans so you will be fine using it. You can also share it with friends or family. However don’t tell anyone that you are cheating. Maybe they can contact the support and then the support will give you a ban. If you have any other questions you can always contact us, if you want to download the game you can download it by visiting the monster super league playstore. They have also a own website that you can download the game on if you don’t want to use the playstore or appstore. You can go to theĀ Monster Super League cheats tool by visiting the button below.

Devices using the tool

You can use any mobile phone provider and it’s available for Android and iOs. We have tested it on multiply devices and also different systems and it did work all fine.
As long as you use the encryption function you are good to go.

Pro’s and Con’s using the tool

– Unlimited coins
– UnlimitedĀ Astrogems
– Anti-ban
– Safe to use
– NO apk needed
– No jailbreak or anything else needed
-Using only the tool
– All devices supported

Your friends might notice that you are cheating

How To Use Hack Tool to

  • Open generator by clicking the button below.
  • Put you username/email in the box.
  • Next you will need to select your favorite device.
  • Select your region where u are.
  • Press connect and a next screen will appear.
  • Now you need to select the coins and gems you want to add.
  • Click a proxy, all proxies are working fine (this is for a secure connection).
  • Encryption –> always select yes so you won’t get a ban from the game.
  • Final and last step click the generate button and the resources will be generated.
  • Then follow the instructions to get the resources added to your account.
  • You are done and the monster super league cheats used.


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