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Mobile Legends Hack

With 50-100 million app installs it’s one of the most famous games out there, so why not using a mobile legends hack? The game is fun to play with different skins and heroes. All those items do cost some money that’s why you will need a mobile legends hack to get your free diamonds. You can play the game together with your friends and you will battle in a 5 vs 5 mode.

Using the hack tool

Using mobile legends cheat will get you free diamonds and gold. You can generate daily up to 500,000 from both without getting a ban. We tested the tool for you and it’s working very good. We did the test the past 6 months and never did get a ban or any other problems. The tool is using a anti-ban system and a encryption option to be safe. Most of the tools that u can find on the web doesn’t work or give you a ban. The tool is available for iOs and Android and works in any country. The resources will be added in like 5-10 minutes. This long? Yes indeed this long because it takes time for the tool to hack mobile legends.

The game

Mobile legends is a awesome game to play. There are tournaments that u can play and u can win real money like up to a prize pool with 100,000 USD. It does look a lot like dota 2 and league of legends. Those 2 games are insane popular and getting viewed by millions daily. They come to twitch to watch people playing the game and play the game self. Those games are a million business industry and that’s why mobile legends is also popular.

Mobile game

However this is just a mobile game and you can’t play it on pc. People that don’t have acces to a pc can’t play dota or league so they switch to Mobile Legends. You can play the game online with family or friends or even strangers. With over 3 million feedback leaved at the google playstore it’s insane popular. People can play the game on any device, the game is updating regulary. In the game you can collect diamonds and you can get new skins and resources.

Team play

The game is made in a way that people needs to get a good team. It’s a 5v5 game and you need to communicate on a good level to beat your opponent. If there is no communication you will be alone against 5 people, this way you will end up losing for sure. Not only communicating is a big role in the game but also the tactic how your team plays. With several games you can still win at your own but with Mobile Legends it’s impossible to do.

The tool Pro’s and Con’s

Since we tested the tool for over 6 months, we will tell you the pro’s and con’s. You need to put your username and can select how many diamonds you would like to add.
After this you need to select which proxy you would like to use and if you want to use encryption. If you use a proxy and encryption your account will be safe and secure. This way it won’t get you a ban so we will recommend using this!


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  1. i try’d to search for a hack for this game and saw this website in google.
    Thank you for creating this tool ive had a lot of fun with it today and i’ve got my diamonds<3 <3 omgg

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