Kingdom Rush Hacked For Android and iOs Unlimited Gold and hearts

Kingdom Rush Hacked

Welcome to the kingdom rush hacked article where you are able to get free gold and hearts. The hack will work on Android and iOs. In this article we will give a complete review about the game and hacking tool. We will discuss the pro’s and con’s and how to use the tool on a safe way. If you are only interested in playing the game and using the hack tool then click the button below. If you are interested in more then please continue reading because we will share some awesome information.



Kingdom rush the game

The game is awesome to play no matter what age you are. Even some old family members are playing it and they have much fun. It reminds me off the old days that i played simular games on the pc. However this is much more fun because u can play it on your mobile and just sit and relax. In the game it’s possible to customize your towers with special upgrades. It’s possible to collect gold and hearts by playing the game for many hours. But if you are going use hack kingdom rush you will be able to play this game with much more fun (in my opinion). The biggest goal would be to defend your towers. Once they are under attack you can lose the game. The game is a very strategial because you will need to use the right tactic in order to win from your¬†opponent. ¬†You can download kingdom rush the game on any device.

Kingdom rush gamemode

Within the game it’s possible to fight on mountains, wastelands and forests. Upgrading your towers is the best option to get a solid defence against your opponent. It’s possible to use a attack named rain fire that reminds me off the game dota 2 playing with the hero sniper. It’s exactly the same attack and can be very strong. There are 9 kindomg rush heroes you can choose from. More then 18 towers and 8 upgades.




Game popularity

At this time the game has 5 million – 10 million installs only on android. You can also play the game on iOs, here there are over 10 million players playing the game too. In the google playstore the game scores 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has a 89/100 metacritic score and is insane popular by kids.
Regular updates are comming out and the biggest update was to bring the game out in different languages. Now you are able to play the game in English, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The latest update has also fixed a lot bugs and made some huge improvements about the gameplay. The community is very strong because you can leave feedback and the developers will keep all the feedback in mind for the next upcomming updates.

My Experience

I enjoyed the game very much. The soldiers are looking like tiny ninja’s and the attacks are some sort of the game Dota 2. First of all i played the game without the hacktool. This was requiring a lot time to collect all the gold and hearts. After several months I was starting to look for a cheat or hack that could give me unlimited gold and hearts. After this i decided to hook up with my team and build the kingdom rush hacked tool. We started to using this tool and testing it.


kingdom rush cheats


The kindom rush cheats tool

With the kindom rush hack tool you can generate unlimited gold and hearts. Before we did bring out this tool we did test it very carefully. Because we all don’t want to get a ban and not able to play the game anymore. After several updates (tool) we were able to make a anti-ban function for the members. This anti-ban function will protect your account from getting banned so you can safe generate unlimited gold and hearts. You can use the kingdom rush cheat android and iOs without any problems. For over 3 months we have been using the tool and there was no problems and we could generate a lot resources over time. However your friends and others can start notice that you will have a lot gold and hearts so keep in mind you might be called a cheater or hacker but that’s not your problem.

Kingdom Rush game hacked tools instructions

  1. Open the game hack tool by clicking the button below.
  2. Put your username/email/game id (whatever u want) in the box.
  3. Now choose your device so the tool knows which operating system it needs to hack.
  4. Specify your region.
  5. Select your gold.
  6. Select your hearts.
  7. Use a proxy!
  8. And select by the encryption YES! , this will keep your account safe!
  9. Click generate.
  10. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  11. After using the tool make sure to restart the game, otherwise the resources won’t be added.
  12. Contact us if you want to leave your feedback or need help.
  13. This hack can be used in any country, device and any version of the game!





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