Fishing Hook Hack

Fishing Hook Hack

Welcome to this article and a inside off the fishing hook hack. In this article we will explain how to use the cheat. Also we will talk about the features in the game, about the game itself. We will share our experience with the game and using the hacktool. If you want to go directly to the cheat fishing hook tool then press the button below.


Fishing hook the game

With over 50 million players at the google playstore it’s a very popular game. It’s fun to catch a fish and playing the game is very relaxing. You can collect gold, sell your fish, make different strikes and much more. All players will start at level 1 and each time you compleet a level you will go one up. Every fish has it’s own time to catch and to archieve. This makes the game very challenging because you will keep playing untill you catch the fish. Selling the fish will give you more gold, with the gold you can purchase stuff.

The gameplay

Playing the game goes very smooth, but it will take you some time to collect some nice fish. If you want to catch a fish you need to be very good and precise. There will be helpfull information at your screen saying how much meters the fish is. The game describes it self as “It feels so real that it’s just like real fishing”. With that being said it’s completely true. People will start to play in different worlds with different levels. It’s possible to make strikes and unlock new levels and fish. As a fish catcher you decide if you want to keep the fish or sell it for some profit. At the top off your screen you will see how much time there is left and who is at the top off the charts.

This is before using the cheat fishing hack tool:


My opinion about the game

I’ve played a lot fishing games and most games are very boring at a certain point because it doesn’t have any competition. This game does challenge people to catch more fish and it’s not that easy to catch a fish. With nice graphics and good gameplay it’s one of the best fishing games for mobile out there.

Game updates

The game is updating on regular base. However they don’t come up with small updates. Most of the time when they release a update it’s a big update. This means there will be a huge different in versions. They will fix bugs, will improve the game system, will implement tutorials and change gaming UI and UX. At the moment the version of the game is 1.6.2 and can be played on every device. You can find a well explained guide at this website, they will describe the game more and give you best tips.

Android and iOs

As for the most and biggest operating systems the game and the Fishing Hook Hack is available for Android and iOs. This will be supporting all devices that are currently out. However keep in mind that with some devices it can take longer to add your free resources.


Pro’s and Con’s using cheats

Ofcorse before linking you to a cheat tool we have been testing this tool for over couple months. This means that we have been using the tool adding the free resources and test if we did get a ban or any other problems. Today our accounts are still safe and didn’t get any ban or any problems. This means that you will be fine using this tool. While testing the tool and using it the resources did get added after 5-10 minutes in most times. We did suspect a small bug in the tool that did give us more resources than we expected. The only con will be is that people might notice that you are cheating and they will call you a hacker or cheater. Also there is no APK or any jailbreak needed, it will work instantly. So go use the Fishing Hook Hack and enjoy.


How to do

  1. Enter the tool by clicking the button below.
  2. The next step will be is put in your username/game id/email.
  3. Select your device and region.
  4. Select the resources u want.
  5. Always use a proxy to be safe.
  6. The final step before generating is putting the encryption button on yes.
  7. Click the generate button.
  8. Follow the screen instructions to add the resources.
  9. Restart the game
  10. Enjoy, need help –> contact.

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