We are a team that is providing you the best tools that are available on the web. Not like all the other websites (they just publish trash). We are first checking out the tools and info that we provide. Does the tool work, does it do it’s job?, and does it give any bans on the game. If all those questions are positive we will be testing the tool out for several months. If the tool is working good on a long period time then we publish a article to it and link you to the tool. We also provide a guide and proof that we have used the tool and it worked. We provide you with the best options to choose so you wouldn’t get a ban and your account will be safe. If you have any questions you can always ask us and otherwise you are free to use any tool you want to use. Those tools are completely free and will stay free. Why do you need to do quiz or a survey or install a application? That’s for the webmaster so we can keep this website up to date without having to spend a lot money on our services. Our website costs money to┬ámaintain. We don’t allow that 1 person is using the hack with a bot so he can use all the resources for himself. That’s why we provide human vertification so we know for sure you are human and you are not stealing everything away from others. We have implement a vote system and a comment system so you can see if the cheat is working or not. You can even use it self and leave a comment or vote if you want. We hope you are happy with your free resources and you can thank us at any time. Enjoy playing those games because games are made to play for free! And not to pay for those resources, that will cost you much money.


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